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Academic Institutions

Partner with us on your professional career support of current students and approach of recruiting top diverse talent to matriculate at your institution.

The JumpStart Advisory Group offers a proactive alternative to traditional diversity recruiting methodologies. Leveraging over 30 years of diversity and talent management experience of our leadership team at top tier organizations, we understand the challenges you face in the war for talent. We work with your diversity function, admissions team, and career services to understand your talent development needs of current students and pipeline needs to recruit new students. After that, we agree on a path forward to achieve goals and maintain ongoing connectivity as part of managing the relationship.

JumpStart your recruiting of diverse candidates at the UGrad phase. Since launching in 2004, the JumpStart Network of 25,000 have direct links to their children or siblings who are planning to go to college. Additionally, they have indirect influence via their ties to colleagues and others in the community associated with the college planning process for someone.

JumpStart your recruiting of diverse candidates at the MBA graduate phase. Our Path2MBA approach launched in 2016 came about in response to feedback from our network and MBA programs seeking to diversify their talent pipeline.

From a professional development standpoint, our approach has been successful for students seeking preparatory support to attain internships and/or full time career opportunities. For example, our network of diverse talent landed in many industries such as financial services, management consulting, consumer product goods, technology, healthcare, energy, or the non-profit sector. Additionally, our model has been successful in preparing candidates for specific functional careers including, but not limited to finance & accounting, strategy & management consulting, brand & product management, general management, technology, engineering, marketing & sales, etc.

Your organization can partner in three primary ways:

  • Host or participate in one of JumpStart’s Annual Diversity Forums focused on professionals development of undergraduate or working professionals seeking advancement that we have hosted since 2004.
  • Engage in JumpStart’s virtual partnering options including candidate search, webinars, and accessing candidate profiles.
  • Leverage JumpStart’s outreach campaigns on your behalf via to communicate with up to 25,000 plus individuals in the JumpStart Network.

Reference the details below to learn more about our Diversity Forums and academic institutions partners approach. To engage with the JumpStart Advisory Group, click here and complete a University Profile.

JumpStart has partnered with academic institutions since 2004. This typically has included opportunities to prepare your current students to get hired into competitive careers and attract a pipeline of diverse students who could matriculate at your institution.

~2,500 current undergraduate from more than 50 academic institutions are part of the JumpStart Network. As undergraduate freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, these talented diverse mix of STEM, business, and other majors engage with our corporate and academic partners throughout their undergraduate years and beyond. ~1,700 current MBA graduate students from more than 30 academic institutions are part of the JumpStart network.