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Although many jobs opportunities are available online, many candidates benefit from a structured support network to navigate making a career move.

Now that you have your hard-earned degree in hand or have mastered a successful career in your chosen industry or function, you’re faced with the challenge of moving your career to the next level.

JumpStart’s approach includes career webinars, diversity forums, receptions, as well as access to outreach campaigns throughout the year.

JumpStart is open to professionals 1-15 years post graduation including those who have an undergraduate or masters degree.

We have career tracks for Path to Finance, Path to Management Consulting, Path to Brand or Product Management, and Path to the Tech Industry.

Our approach has focused on exposure to many industries such as financial services, management consulting, consumer product goods, technology, healthcare, energy, or the non-profit sector.

Additionally, our model has been successful in preparing candidates for specific functional careers including, but not limited to investment banking, asset management, investment management, corporate finance, investment management, private equity, and venture capital. Separate from the finance career track, we have great history with our network in strategy & management consulting, brand & product management, general management, technology, and marketing & sales.

Because we understand the relentless demands on your schedule, our services are available on an “as needed” basis.

Another resource members is access to the various career opportunities offered to the JumpStart Network throughout the year. It’s free to join.

Take your career search to the next level by applying for participation in a JumpStart MBA Careers Diversity Forum for Working Professionals. We continue to offer a Path to MBA approach for those interested in pursuing an MBA.

For 2019, we are launching two new Experienced Profession tracks, a Path to Management Consulting Forum and a Path to Brand Management Forum.

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