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Gain access to a diverse talent pool at the undergraduate and MBA graduate phases specific to internships and full time needs.

The JumpStart Advisory Group offers a proactive alternative to traditional diversity recruiting methodologies. Leveraging over 30 years of diversity and talent management experience of our leadership team at top tier organizations, we understand the challenges you face in the war for talent.   We work with your diversity function and recruiting teams to understand your talent needs, agree on a path forward to achieve goals, and maintain ongoing connectivity as part of managing the relationship.

With ~2,500 current undergraduate students in the JumpStart Network, more than 600 undergraduate freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors join the JumpStart Network each year from more than 50 academic institutions across the country.  These talented diverse mix of STEM, business, and other majors engage with our corporate and academic partners throughout their undergraduate years and beyond.  We host a flagship UGrad finance, consulting, and technical careers diversity forum and UGrad STEM careers forum annually.

With ~1,400 current MBA students in the JumpStart Network, more than 700 incoming MBAs join the JumpStart Network each year from more than 30 top MBA academic institutions across the country.  Most join our network to take advantage of JumpStart’s pre-matriculation career preparation with corporate partners, remain engaged during their second year of business school, and connect with us after graduation.  We host a flagship MBA Finance, Consulting, and Brand/Product Mgmt careers diversity forum annually.

Reference the details below to learn more about our Diversity Forums.   Click here to inquire with JumpStart about our Partners Program and enhance the way you recruit diverse talent.

Add greater reach, efficiencies, and improve results to your campus search.