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Partner with us on your professional career progression at the undergraduate student, transitioning MBA student, or working professional phases of life.

The JumpStart Advisory Group offers a proactive alternative to traditional career preparatory methodologies of diverse talent. Building on the approach resulting in 19 job offers while pursuing an MBA between the two co-founders, a “7 Rules of Engagement in Recruiting” article was written and later they launched JumpStart to make an impact.

Leveraging over 30 years of professional experiences in business functions, professional advisory roles, and leadership roles, we understand life in transition and as a working professional.

Our approach has been successful for individuals seeking awareness of career opportunities, context on what that means, interview preparatory guidance and a network of support to attain internships and or full time roles.

Our approach has focused on exposure to many industries such as financial services, management consulting, consumer product goods, technology, healthcare, energy, or the non-profit sector.

Additionally, our model has been successful in preparing candidates for specific functional careers including, but not limited to investment banking, asset management, investment management, corporate finance, investment management, private equity, and venture capital. Separate from the finance career track, we have great history with our network in strategy & management consulting, brand & product management, general management, technology, engineering, and marketing & sales.

Since launching in 2004, more than 30,000 individuals have joined the JumpStart Network at various phases of life and academic or professional advancement.

Over the last 3 years, more than 550 from our network have been hired into the management consulting industry.

  • More than 500 from our network have been hired in to finance or the financial services industry.
  • More than 200 have been hired as brand managers into the consumer product goods industry.
  • More than 100 were hired into the Tech industry.
  • More than 600 undergraduate freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors join the JumpStart Network each year.
  • More than 250 candidates join our Path2MBA Network each year.  Recently, those applying to top MBA programs were admitted at a 90% rate.
  • More than 700 incoming MBAs join the JumpStart Network each year.

Engage with JumpStart in three primary ways:

  • Participate in JumpStart’s in-person events.  This includes our flagship “invite only” JumpStart Annual Career Diversity Forums that we have hosted since 2004.  JumpStart has hosted invite-only 1-2 day career forums focused on Finance, Management Consulting, Brand/Product Management, and STEM. These forums are focused on undergraduate, graduate or working professionals. We prepare attendees to get hired into competitive careers and create a natural network of peers seeking similar career goals.  Individuals must apply, be admitted, and register to participate in these forums.  Click here to jump in.
  • Engage in JumpStart hosted professional networking receptions, virtual webinars, and other interactive methods.  Individuals must join the JumpStart Network to be a part of these opportunities. Click here to jump in.
  • Leverage JumpStart’s outreach campaigns to connect with our academic or corporate partners throughout the year. This may include scholarship, employment, professional development or networking opportunities. Individuals must join the JumpStart Network to be a part of these opportunities. Click here to jump in.

For those working professionals interested in pursuing an MBA, we are here to jumpstart that idea and action plan.   For those seeking additional professional development in your current career, we are here to jumpstart your path forward.   For those seeking to change employment now (i.e. 1-12 months), we are here to jumpstart what that looks like and support making it happen.  Click the Professionals button to learn more.

Whether you are a current undergraduate student entering college or progressing through your freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior year, we are here to jumpstart your career progression.  This could be an immediate goal of attaining an internship or full time employment, but could also mean the idea of pursuing an MBA.  Likewise, whether you are an incoming MBA, 1st year, or 2nd year graduate student, we are here to jumpstart your career progression.  Click the Students button to learn more.