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Path to Tech Career for Diverse Non-College Students

As a path to technology careers for diverse candidates who may not be pursuing a traditional four-year degree, we are thrilled about an opportunity to support a Path to Scholarships with JumpStart’s long-time strategic partner, Accenture.

Accenture and Udacity have teamed up to award 600 fully funded tech scholarships to train and empower individuals without a four-year degree with the most sought-after technology skills.

There are no previous requirements needed.

You just need to be willing to learn and dedicate 10 hours a week to the program.

The Intro to Programming path will help you learn basic coding skills and the Predictive Analytics path will teach you to solve problems with data.

Up to 600 individuals who complete the Challenge and Assessment will receive a full scholarship to the Udacity Intro to Programming or Udacity Predictive Analytics programs.

This could lead to a high-paying tech job.

The application will be closed on Monday, so we encourage those interested to complete 2 things by Sunday, January 16th.

1. Learn more about this program and complete the Accenture Scholarship Program application.

Accenture Scholarship Program Application


2. We will be meeting with Accenture and recommending candidates who have completed the brief 2-3 minute interest survey 2022 Accenture and Udacity Scholarship Program.

2022 Accenture and Udacity Scholarship Program Survey

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Hope you jump in!