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Path to Internship Webinar Series for Incoming MBAs

Congratulations on being admitted to business school.

JumpStart is hosting a webinar series featuring our network of current MBAs and alumni who will share their perspectives on “How I Landed an Internship”.

JumpStart’s network of current MBAs (1st or 2nd year students) will share their perspectives on how they navigated pre-matriculation and their first year to obtain their internship.

The perspective from students will include paths to private equity, fintech, consulting, technology, brand management, and general management.

Speakers will share context about how they landed their job and what the internship entailed at places like Apple, Bank of America, Barclays, BCG, EY Parthenon, FT Partners, Google, KKR, PepsiCo, P&G, McKinsey, and RosettiStarr.

Participation is limited, so please register as soon as possible.

Monday, April 5th @ 9 PM EST

Path to an Internship @ McKinsey, BCG, FT Partners, Barclays, and FT Partners.
The focus will be on fintech, investment banking, mgmt consulting and brand management.


Wednesday, April 7th @ 9 PM EST

Path to an Internship @ Google, Bank of America, P&G, Cargill, and RosettiStarr.
The focus will be on strategy/tech, investment banking, brand management, general management, and advisory.


Wednesday, April 14th @ 9 PM EST

Path to an Internship @ KKR, BCG, Apple, and EY Parthenon.
The focus will be on private equity, consulting, and strategy/tech.