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MBA Pre-Matriculation Career Prep

Congratulations on being admitted to business school! We believe your previous professional experience and indications of leadership will prepare you for a successful future, and JumpStart’s MBA Pre-Matriculation Career Prep Forum is here to set you down that path.

JumpStart MBA Pre-Matriculation Career Prep

May 17-18, 2021
Brand Management

May 18-19, 2021

May 19-21, 2021
Mgmt Consulting

Hosted Virtually

If accepted to the forum, you will have the opportunity to engage with top employers, receive feedback and coaching for the interview process, and grow your network of peers from other MBA programs.

Opportunities await you with Accenture, Adidas, AlixPartners, American Express, Bain & Company, Bank of America, Barclays, Beam Suntory, Boston Consulting Group, Conagra Brands, Danone North America, Deloitte, Evercore, EY Parthenon, General Mills, Lincoln International, McKinsey, Moelis, Ocean Spray, and many more.

You have professional aspirations, we’re JumpStart to help get you there.

Top Five Reasons to Participate in JumpStart’s MBA Pre-Matriculation Career Prep Forum

  1. Receive guidance on how to prepare for the recruiting process that leads to a summer internship. JumpStart works in collaboration with corporate partners to break down how to navigate the recruiting process by industry, role and organization. JumpStart’s Path to Finance, Path to Consulting, Path to Brand, General or Product Management approach thoroughly prepares you for any interview process: pre-matriculation or traditional on-campus recruiting.
  2. Gain in-depth insight into various industries and careers through opportunities to engage, network and learn. Our forum puts you into direct contact with top employers. Sessions include “Meet the Company” overviews, “A Day in the Life,” recruiting overviews, interview prep sessions, networking sessions and interviews.
  3. Get your resume reviewed and prepare for your interview. The resume to get into business school likely needs revision to be position you for internship opportunities. Professionals are available to consult you about your resume and provide feedback in alignment with resume best practices. There are also interview prep working sessions and opportunities to schedule a 1:1 mock interview.
  4. Land a 2021 summer internship. Not only will you be prepared for the recruiting process, JumpStart’s MBA Pre-Matriculation Career Prep Forum offers opportunities for interviews and conversations that lead to interviews for summer internships. Many attendees in our network receive an offer for internship the summer before their first year of business school.
  5. Learn about private invite-only opportunities to participate in office visits with prospective employers. Many organizations offer private experiences for incoming MBAs. However, these opportunities are by invitation only. This forum is part of the screening and selection process to determine next steps, including an office visit, with individual candidates.

Brand Management

May 17–18, 2021



May 18–19, 2021


Management Consulting

May 19–21, 2021


Applications are currently being reviewed weekly and acceptance decisions will be communicated on a rolling basis.

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