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MBA Associate Opportunity at Cornerstone Research

JumpStart Network,

We are thrilled about your potential, expressed career interests, and the opportunity to establish a relationship going forward.

We are informing you about the MBA Associate opportunity with one of our strategic partners, Cornerstone Research.

About company:

Cornerstone Research is a leading economic and financial consulting firm with more than 800 staff members across eight offices. Together with an extensive network of internationally prominent faculty, we conduct rigorous, objective research applying the highest standards from academia to address complex financial, economic, accounting, and marketing issues that arise in litigation and regulatory investigation.

Cornerstone Research is involved in a broad variety of high-profile legal cases and disputes. Current matters focus on such topics as capital markets, business and securities valuation, M&A and corporate events, risk management, market competition, high-frequency trading, the impact of marketing on consumers, and patent infringement. For example, we address issues affecting the ongoing development of financial markets, such as applying frameworks at the intersection of finance and industrial organization economics to evaluate price setting in derivative markets. Beyond financial markets, we address financial economics issues arising in a range of other sectors, from such innovation- driven industries as life sciences and high technology to energy, telecommunications, and industrial markets. We address economic issues when evaluating potential mergers, claims of anticompetitive conduct, and the impact of   intellectual property infringement.  We also address marketing and economic issues arising in cases with allegations of misleading marketing or false claims. More detail can be found on our website:

Associates at Cornerstone Research

Cornerstone Research provides an interesting and rewarding work environment.  Those joining our firm enjoy long-term career opportunities supported substantially by our investments in their professional development and a competitive compensation structure. Associates work at the core of our project teams and in the development of our practice areas, assuming increasing levels of responsibility and leadership. The firm has grown steadily over more than twenty-five years and we maintain a firm culture that is collegial, supportive, friendly, and collaborative.

We benefit from close collaboration with leading academics in finance and economics. Associates help devise and apply innovative analytical approaches meeting the highest academic standards to address challenging issues arising in our work. We invest heavily in cutting edge information resources and computing capabilities, and often have access to proprietary data to inform our analysis. Associates help guide teams supported by our outstanding research analysts.

Career development includes staying attuned to the latest academic research and innovative analytic frameworks in finance and financial economics. Associates continue to hone their analytical problem solving abilities while further developing communications and leadership skills. The firm also supports the development of those interested in becoming testifying experts in some or all of their work.

Cornerstone Research will provide immigration assistance to eligible foreign nationals in accordance with the firm’s immigration policy and applicable law.

To learn more, express interest, and engage with Cornerstone Research; Two actions are needed asap. 

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2. Learn and apply for Associate – MBA role at Cornerstone Research.

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