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Manager role with Redstone Strategy Group

As an opportunity to pursue consulting in the social sector, we encourage working professionals to consider joining Redstone.

Redstone is intellectual, creative, and passionate about real-world problems. They partner with some of the world’s largest foundations, NGOs, and companies to help answer tough questions on education, health, economic opportunity, and the environment.


All consultants at Redstone play key roles on project teams. Building on a strong foundation of consulting or client services-based experience, Managers oversee day-to-day team activities and run most client interactions. Managers are experienced staff that help lead projects and have developed strong consulting skills.

As a manager, you will provide overall project vision, develop, and manage work plans, create client deliverables, structure analyses, and cultivate insights. In addition, mentoring and apprenticeship are vital parts of life at Redstone. Managers are responsible for the professional development and coaching of Analysts and Associates on the team. As Managers gain experience, they take greater ownership of client management and oversee projects with more complex dynamics.

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