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JumpStart Your Money Meet Up To End This Year With a Bang

Many of us have a new financial situation due to Covid-19 that hits us all…

Some are concerned about making your current $ situation work…

Some are concerned about protecting assets…

Some are concerned about risk mitigation (health, disability, etc.)…

Some are concerned about investments…

End 2020 with a bang by joining the JumpStart Your Money Meet Up featuring Financial Advisors from Northwestern Mutual.

Please note a brief snapshot of the topics and register for a zoom session.

1. News You Can Use: Allan Bell and Sedrick McDonald (Financial Advisors from Northwestern Mutual) will provide a summary of things you need to know in the short term and long term.

2. Addressing Questions You May Have: We will answer questions on your mind in general as well as specific questions.

3. Let You Connect with Each Other: We will have breakout time for you to connect with each other to discuss how we can support each other in the topic diverse communities don’t have enough.

JumpStart Your Money Meet Up

Tuesday, December 29th
7pm EST


Allan Bell
Growth and Development Director / Financial Advisor

Northwestern Mutual

Sedrick McDonald
Financial Advisor

Northwestern Mutual