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Finance and Investment Opportunities with Raymond James

Raymond James is recruiting experienced hire candidates for Analyst, Mutual Fund and ETF Research.

Under general supervision, the Analyst utilizes knowledge of finance and investment concepts obtained through education and work experience to provide clients with a platform of traditional investment opportunities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Analyzing the investment merits and risks of traditional investments, including but not limited to domestic, international, global, and sector equity funds, and government, municipal, corporate, and international fixed income funds. Preparing product approval memos/presentations for use by the Investment Committee comprised senior management. Conducting due diligence for existing and prospective investment products. Transferring product knowledge and expertise by communicating with and educating other departments within the Global Wealth Solutions Investment Solutions Group, as well as by working directly with financial advisors Composing and disseminating due diligence and investment updates for those products on the Highly Recommended List for use by financial advisors. Job scope includes performing quantitative and qualitative due diligence as well as investment analysis (e.g., financial modeling, benchmarking, risk analysis, etc.) on funds, preparing detailed product approval memos and recommendations, and conducting meetings and conversations with fund managers to determine the investment merits and risk profile of a fund and/or asset class that currently comprises a large number of client assets. The job scope also includes making product recommendations and presentations when appropriate.

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