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Lateral Hire Manager, Annuity Product Specialist Team Opportunity with Raymond James

Raymond James is recruiting experienced hire candidates for the Manager, Annuity Product Specialist Team.

This role leads the annuity product specialist team and coordinates with other functional teams in an effort to provide clients with a platform of packaged product investment solutions. The requirement to acquire and maintain the product & strategy knowledge needed to appropriately inform advisors and clients on the various products and services available on the insurance solutions platform, including but not limited to domestic and offshore fixed, index, variable and structured annuities. Participate in various product-related initiatives across Global Wealth Solutions including marketing, product development, and service initiatives.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to creating an environment in which the investment solutions platform is managed in a manner consistent with the firm’s core values – namely putting the interests of clients first. Leads the internal product support teams responsible for educating advisors and clients, and maintains a team culture focusing on balanced education and best-in-class advisor service.
  • Assists the Director, Internal Institutional Annuity Distribution in the management of the Internal Annuity Consultant team. Transfers product knowledge and expertise by communicating with and educating other teams (e.g., operations and product support) in addition to direct financial advisor communication.
  • Represents insurance solutions in recruiting “home office visits” and client “by invitation only” visits. Assists advisors in educating clients on the benefits and risks associated with complex investment products including product-specific education and support on client cases.
  • Performs human resource management activities, including coaching and mentoring staff; evaluating performance; identifying performance problems and approving recommendations for remedial action; as well as interviewing and selecting staff.
  • Meet specific objectives related to proactively contacting financial advisors to discuss the products and services available on the Raymond James insurance solutions annuity platform; proactive efforts will also include, among other items, following up with advisors regarding portfolio reviews and client case designs, as well as advisors that have attended a Raymond James event or are new to Raymond James.

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