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Financial Sector Risk and Policy Lead Opportunity with Federal Reserve Bank of New York

JumpStart Network,

We are excited to share a full-time leadership opportunity for experienced working professionals with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The role is Financial Sector Risk and Policy Program Lead.

Working at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York positions you at the center of the financial world with a unique perspective on national and international markets and economies. You will work in an environment with a diverse group of experienced professionals to foster and support the safety, soundness, and vitality of our economic and financial systems.

The Bank believes in work flexibility to balance the demands of work and life while also connecting and collaborating with our colleagues in person. Employees can expect to be in the office a couple of days per week as needed for meetings and team collaboration and should live within a commutable distance.

What we do:

The Supervision Group of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) supervises financial institutions located in the Second District. The objectives of Supervision are to evaluate and promote the overall safety and soundness of supervised institutions, to ensure supervised institutions’ compliance with relevant laws and regulations, to facilitate the stability of the financial system of the United States, and to support the growth and stability of the U.S. economy.

Your role as Financial Sector Risk and Policy Program Lead

  • Model the behaviors of a senior people leader by providing opportunities for the professionals in the department to develop and grow in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment, Develop and manage talent by providing ongoing feedback and coaching and holding team members accountable to push decision-making down to the most appropriate level within the organization to drive performance to meet agreed-upon expectations.
  • Develop strategies, programs, and pathways to ensure the workforce is properly skilled, capable, diverse, and inclusive, particularly as it relates to succession planning in attracting and retaining top talent, Provide strategic leadership and senior-level oversight of policy, strategy, and analytical activities, with a focus on financial system resilience monitoring and reporting, analysis, and contribution to strong supervision, policy, and strategy.
  • Lead or oversee work to influence the development of policy positions, analysis, and strategy on financial system resilience, collaborating regularly across the Supervision Group, FRBNY, and Federal Reserve System, and representing the Group and FRBNY in discussions with domestic and international policymakers and supervisors.
  • Influence the forward evolution of policy, strategy, and analytical priorities related to financial sector resilience via active relationship-building across the FRBNY, the Federal Reserve System, and international policymaking and supervisory peers.

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