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Jumpstart Career for MBA Summer Associate at Johnson & Johnson

Hello JumpStart Network,

As part of the JumpStart Network, we are thrilled about your potential, expressed career interests, and the opportunity to establish a relationship going forward. Based on our long-standing relationships with corporate partners, certain opportunities are made available to members of the JumpStart network.

With that said, we are informing you about an opportunity with one of our strategic partners, Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health is recruiting for the class of 2023 Consumer MBA Summer Associates. Its purpose in Consumer is to help people around the world by anticipating their needs while crafting solutions and experiences that help them live happy, healthy, and dynamic lives.

About company:

At Johnson & Johnson, they are on a mission to change the trajectory of health for humanity. That starts by creating the world’s healthiest workforce. Through cutting-edge programs and policies, they empower the physical, mental, emotional, and financial health of our employees and the ones they love. As such, candidates offered employment must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or secure an approved accommodation prior to the commencement of employment to support the well-being of our employees, their families, and the communities in which we live and work.

Your role as Summer Associate:

  • Assuming key Brand responsibilities including advertising, consumer promotion, market research, product/package improvements, and a multitude of other fun, interesting and educational projects which he or she can own.
  • You will be given the opportunity to interact with senior management including a final summer project recommendation.
  • Identifying a strategic roadmap to expand a brand into e-commerce, Developing cross-branding strategy and campaign platforms to drive equity, expand usage, and build a regimen.
  • Assess, forecast, and report business trend drivers, Invent efficient education strategy for reaching and influencing pharmacy and in-store health clinic professionals.
  • You would report to management supervisors and have opportunities to present key project findings and recommendations to business leaders. These and many other program features are collectively designed to provide a magical experience, Exposure, Environment, and Education that challenges and develops MBA students personally and professionally.

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