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Join a Path to Consulting for MBAs Virtual Event – April 6 or 7

Congratulations on being admitted to business school! We believe your previous professional experience and indications of leadership will prepare you for a successful future, and JumpStart’s MBA Pre-Matriculation Career Prep Forum is here to set you down that path.

To best prepare you for options in consulting with JumpStart partners Accenture, AlixPartners, Bain, BCG, Dalberg, Deloitte, McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, RedStone and West Monroe, we suggest you participate in the JumpStart Path to Consulting approach from April to May.

If you are interested in pursuing a Path to Management Consulting or Strategy, we invite you to a phase 1“Path to Consulting” overview with Olivia Barnyard and John Burt.

Olivia and John will provide context about consulting as a career option.

Olivia will also discuss Phase 2 as an Academy Bootcamp approach to get you prepared to get the job including resume enhancement, Ace the Case / Behavioral interviews, and deep dive sessions in Structuring/Frameworks as well as Problem Solving.

John will also provide context Phase 3 as the Virtual Pre-Matriculation Consulting Career forum (May).

There will be two options to join, so register for one that works for you.

Register for the Virtual Path to Consulting for MBAs Session 1

Wednesday, April 6th, 5:30 PM EST

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Register for the Virtual Path to Consulting for MBAs Session 2

Thursday, April 7th, 5:30 PM EST

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Speakers at The Event

Olivia Barnard

Prior to launching Signature Interview Prep, Olivia graduated from Notre Dame’s business school then joined McKinsey as a consultant who also was involved in recruiting activities (resume screening, interview coaching, etc.).

John Burt

Co-Founder JumpStart Advisory Group

Prior to co-founding the JumpStart Advisory Group and serving as CEO, John attained an MBA from Duke University, joined Booz as a management consultant and was a director of diversity at BCG for 7 years. As an experienced problem solver with several clients inside and outside the consulting industry, John knows how to get the job and do well on the job.