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Intern, Summer 2024 at Redstone

Looking for an opportunity to pursue consulting in the social sector?

Here at JumpStart, we encourage you to consider joining Redstone.

About the company

Redstone is intellectual, creative, and passionate about real-world problems. We partner with some of the world’s largest foundations, companies, and NGOs to help answer tough questions on education, health, and the environment. Our clients and partners include the Packard Foundation, ClimateWorks, and Feeding America, among others – all of whom share the ambition to make system-wide change.

Position Summary

Interns at Redstone will join a client team with senior Redstone consultants. You’ll participate in team meetings, do real client work, and gain unmatched exposure to clients and senior leaders. Each intern will perform research, analyze data, develop concrete solutions, and practice communicating those results.

Application Deadline: September 15, 2023

To learn more, express interest, and engage with Redstone; Two actions are needed asap.

1. Express interest since many people from the JumpStart network have been hired by our partners. We will be referring candidates from our networks.
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