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Full Time Consulting Jobs for MBAs at AlixPartners

MBA Network,

Seeking a full time job in consulting, we are excited to inform you that AlixPartners is recruiting 2nd year MBAs.

We will be sharing interest in our network of which AlixPartners will contact candidates for full time roles.

Interested candidates will need to complete the AlixPartners Interest Survey by September 16th.

AlixPartners Internship Survey:


Additional details about AlixPartners can be referenced below.

Who is AlixPartners:  AlixPartners is a results-driven global consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses successfully address their most complex and critical challenges  when it really matters sm.    Some of AlixPartners specialization areas are summarized here:

  • Management consulting, Strategic planning, economics consulting
  • Corporate restructuring and Go-to-market strategies
  • Business growth, performance improvements, accelerated business transformation
  • Investigations, disputes & risk

Which offices could you work at:  AlixPartners is a global firm with offices around the world.  Within the U. S., their offices include Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC.