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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the JumpStart Network?

The JumpStart Network is a community of highly talented and involved individuals (students, employers, professionals, etc) committed to developing themselves and others. As a member of The Network, individuals gain access to unique and exclusive resources and opportunities designed to develop them both personally and professionally. Best of all there is no cost to joining the Network.

How does JumpStart connect with Experienced Professionals not in college or graduate school?

Our process gives experienced hires a hybrid of the type of attention and focus you would get via an executive search firm or career services at a top tier business school in the U. S. We connect with individuals privately and also offer live ‘invite-only’ events to engage with partners specific to career opportunities.

What type of position or opportunities are available for Experienced Professionals?

Our approach has focused on exposure to many industries such as financial services, management consulting, consumer product goods, technology, healthcare, energy, or the non-profit sector.

Additionally, our model has been successful in preparing candidates for specific functional careers including, but not limited to investment banking, asset management, investment management, corporate finance, investment management, private equity, and venture capital. Separate from the finance career track, we have great history with our network in strategy & management consulting, brand & product management, general management, technology, and marketing & sales.

What are the JumpStart Diversity Forums?

They are the premier forums for undergraduate students, MBA students, or experienced professionals. Typically, our career forums focus on functional career opportunities in various industries. The Forums vary from 2.5 to 4 day experiences including pre-forum preparation, career overviews, networking, case studies, and interviews. The forums provide a well-balanced mix of educational and networking opportunities with industry professionals and recruiters from several top-tier companies.

When/Where are the next Diversity Forums?

Diversity Forums are held in the spring or summer. Host cities and locations will vary. Please see information about each individual Forum for more details.

What companies participate in the Diversity Forums?

We are pleased to have established an ongoing working relationship with many leading financial services, management consulting, consumer product goods, healthcare, and retail companies since launching the Forums in 2004. Our list of corporate partners continues to grow annually. Please see information about each individual Forum for more details.

Who is eligible to attend the Diversity Forum?

Forum participants are diverse individuals based on ethnicity, gender, Lgbtq, and veteran or military status. We typically host 125-200 attendees at our private ‘invite-only’ diversity forums. To be eligible for any of the Diversity Forums, individuals must apply to seek admission.

I have been admitted to (and will be attending) a non-core academic institution as defined by the list of JumpStart Advisory Group relationships. Can I still attend the Forum?

Although we have established effective working relationships with top-tier MBA programs and undergraduate institutions, we recognize that candidates from a broader talent pool could fit well into our Forum model. If your candidacy is aligned with our eligibility guidelines, we encourage you to apply.

What should I do if I am not selected?

Due to the competitive nature of the application process, we have to turn away some very highly qualified students. However, there are definitely future opportunities for you with the JumpStart Advisory Group. Please complete your profile to be included on future communications.