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Experienced Hire Path to Brand Management Careers Diversity Forum Details


Virtual Forum

Dates: TBD

Brand Camps This Summer – May to July

Corporate Partners

Workshops will be led by representatives from Johnson & Johnson, ConAgra, General Mills, and Danone.

Attendee Audience

The diversity forum audience is working professionals with industry or functional experience you are seeking to transition to the CPG industry and or with our corporate partners. JumpStart forum participants are diverse individuals based on ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ, and veteran or military status. We typically host 75-200 attendees at our private ‘invite-only’ diversity forums.

Application Approach

Separate from becoming a member of the JumpStart Network, some opportunities are structured by “invitation only”. Our diversity forums are an example of that, so candidates seeking admission must complete an application by a specific deadline. The application process can take less than 30 minutes to establish a profile and provide context on your career aspiration. Click here to Apply Now.

Resume Guidance

A current resume is required as part of a completed application. Given our review and decision process is on a rolling basis, we encourage you to apply now with the understanding that there is an opportunity to submit one edited version prior to all final decisions being made. Admitted candidates will have the opportunity to upload your most current resume to our event registration site.

Academic Supportive Details Required

A completed application to JumpStart includes an academic profile specific to undergraduate and graduate information as applicable. Additionally, applicants may need to provide pre-college (i.e. SAT, ACT) or pre-graduate (i.e. GMAT, GRE) test scores. Additionally, we will need current and recent employment experiences post graduation.

Admissions Approach

The number of admitted candidates to our forums will vary, but there is fixed capacity ranging from 75-200 attendees. Our committee reviews applications and decisions are communicated on a rolling basis. Decisions include some applicants being directly admitted, put on the waitlist, or denied admission.

Confirmed Registration

There is a time sensitive approach for admitted candidates to confirm participation and formally register. As context, there is a non-refundable $150 fee to participate in our Diversity Forum and Webinar Series. Additionally, you will need to provide an updated resume, confirmation of travel details, and other items by various milestone deadlines.


To best prepare you for the diversity forum, we have several webinars hosted by JumpStart with our alumni and with corporate partners. Webinars are invite-only to those who complete an application to our forum.

Forum Approach and Schedule

What: Attendees gain hands on experience to understand the industry, function, the job, career progression, recruiting process, and how to get the job.

When: Typically our forums are 2-2.5 day boot camp experiences covering strategic topics in an engaging way at a time that makes sense for everyone.

Who: Business professionals such as senior executives, mid-level managers, recent hires and recruiting professionals engage with our attendees during the forum.

How: Attendees and partners jump into interactive case studies, mock interviews, workshops, 1:1s, keynote addresses, store visits and receptions.

The final schedule will be published for attendees closer to the date of the forum. A snapshot of the scheduled activities can be referenced below.

  • Day 1: (noon to 9pm) Kickoff Luncheon, Meet the Brand sessions, Reception
  • Day 2: (8am to 5pm) Brand Management Case Studies, Store Visits, Networking Luncheon, Interviews

Interview Guidance

As part of our diversity forums, our partners and candidates have the opportunity for 1:1 interaction. As directed and decided by or partners, these experiences are a mix of informational chats (15-30 minutes) or formal interviews (30-90 minutes). This process is limited to candidates who have been admitted and attend the diversity forum. Additional details are provided to those individuals at a future date (either prior to the forum and in some cases after the forum has started).

Attendance & Attire

Attendance by candidates is required at all forum sessions. Candidates will be in business casual attire during the forum. For those participating in informational discussions or interviews on the last day, we advise you to be in business attire.

Travel, Lodging & Location Venue

Although JumpStart is providing details about the forum, the responsibility and decisions to secure and pay for all travel to/from the host venue and lodging is the responsibility of each attendee.

Activities for the upcoming forum will take place at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Location Details


Lodging Options

To achieve optimal flexibility, attendees are responsible for securing lodging by whatever means you deem appropriate as part of your travel approach. Many of you have status or preferred hotel brands and others use lodging search sites to get the best price, so admitted attendees will move forward with whatever makes sense.

We also plan two options for admitted candidates to evaluate or secure lodging accommodations. One option is to use a “search site” portal set up by one of our vendors specific to the JumpStart forum. The other option is to use one of the hotel properties that have a courtesy block for JumpStart.

We encourage attendees to stay at the JB Duke Hotel. The JB Duke Hotel is attached to the business school, so those lodging there have a short walk to the P2MBA school location at the Fuqua School of Business.

JB Duke Hotel
230 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708
Phone: 919.660.6400
Reservations: 844.490.7100


All meals specific to functions hosted by JumpStart on the agenda will be provided as part of the forum.

Contact Us

In the event you need to contact us, you can send an email to or leave a voicemail at 1 (317) 975-1773.