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Accenture Strategy Consulting Opportunity for JumpStart Members

Class of 2022 MBAs Only:
Accenture Strategy Consulting Opportunity for JumpStart Members

JumpStart is excited to announce 2021 Accenture Strategy Consulting internship interviews for incoming MBA students.

JumpStart members can join a pre-interview webinar with Accenture on Thursday, May 22 that will provide an overview of the company, internship role and recruiting process. This webinar will also be followed up by one-on-one discussions.

The gauge your interest in this opportunity, please complete the 60-second survey by Sunday, April 19.

About the Internship

Shape the future of business and technology by developing innovative, disruptive strategies that unlock value and drive growth for clients.

Bring your big ideas, insatiable curiosity for technology and a passion for entrepreneurial disruption and go as far as your ambition takes you.

Drive your career forward with the most advanced analytics capabilities and human-centric design-thinking that allows you to lead clients into new and transformative ways of working.

Join a strategy firm that provides unprecedented breadth and depth of experience. You’ll collaborate with experts across our unique end-to-end business model to define innovative strategies that drive growth and create impact for clients and the world around us.

What You Will Do at Accenture

Advise C-suite and industry leaders.
Drive the CEO agenda on issues related to digital disruption, competitive agility, global operating models, and workforce of the future to identify new sources of value.

Focus on business. Fueled by technology.
Challenge the status quo and develop innovative strategies that harness your full understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models.

Lead with insight.
Use advanced analytics and human-centric design to co-create technology-enabled, disruptive strategies that win competitive advantage, unlock value and drive profitable growth for clients.

For any questions about this opportunity, please email