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Accenture Strategy Consultant Development Program – SuperDay

As a follow-up to our Path2Consulting event, we encourage interested candidates to jump into Accenture Strategy Consultant Development Program – SuperDay.

You are:

A business pro. You know that the world is changing and that there are opportunities everywhere. You like working across different types of business to tackle their challenges with smart solutions. You are a hard worker, rolling up your sleeves with clients and colleagues to ask the hard questions and push the envelope on what’s possible. Most of all, you’re ready to put to work all that you’ve learned and all that you’ve experienced to help drive great strategies.

The work:

  • Kick-start your career in our Strategy Consultant Development Program to learn the latest strategy skills
  • Build your network during office events and volunteer opportunities to gain a sense of inclusion and diversity
  • Mentor and develop junior team members
  • Work closely clients to analyze how their business is working today and how it could be improved for tomorrow
  • Partner with your teammates to show support for their projects and lend your knowledge
  • Dig in deep to research, analyze data charts and come up with great recommendations
  • Practice sharing your vision with strong presentations and well-written reports
  • Use data visualization skills, charts, graphs and other data models to bring your analysis to life
  • Be an ambassador of our worldwide organization that promotes respect for the individual and recruitment of top talent

Here’s how to apply:

Kindly complete the survey and apply directly to the links below.

Accenture SuperDay Survey

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Summer Consultant – SuperDay

Learn More and Apply

(The deadline is Wednesday, July 5th, so we encourage you to apply ASAP)

Kindly share this opportunity with your friends and network.