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2025 Private Equity Analyst Program with Vista Equity Partners

We’re excited to share that Vista Equity Partners launched the application for 2025 Private Equity Analyst Program!

The Private Equity Analyst Program provides you with immersive training and hands-on experience to develop valuation, due diligence and deal execution skills, as well as the best practices of portfolio company management. Working with investment professionals of all levels, you will learn from the ground-up how a sector-specific private equity investor identifies, evaluates, and executes on new opportunities. Simultaneously, exposure to portfolio company management teams will strengthen your c-suite business acumen and ability to identify operational improvement initiatives. With combined aspects of M&A investment banking and consulting operational focus, you will deepen your abilities as a successful private equity investor.

Our 2–3 year program not only offers an entry-level position into the private equity industry, but a jumpstart to your career within a top tier private equity firm with opportunities to advance.

To apply, express interest, and engage with Vista Equity Partners; Two actions are needed asap:

1. Apply directly with Vista Equity Partners:
2025 Private Equity Analyst

Apply Now!

Note: Please submit your application and complete an online cognitive assessment by Monday, July 1st, 2024.
When you apply through the above program you need to mention the source of the program, over there you can select Diversity Focused Organizations as an option and thereafter you can select Jumpstart.

2. Let us know that you applied or will be applying by completing this
2025 Private Equity Analyst Program Survey

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For more information about Vista Equity Partners, visit Vista Equity Partners.

Hope you jump in and please share this opportunity with your friends and network.